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embedded computer and touch panel computer

AI Vehicle PCs for Automotive

Trends like e-mobility and self-driving vehicles are not only causing major shifts in the automotive market, they will also change our everyday lives. AI-based cars, trucks, robotaxis and shuttle buses will ensure greater safety and efficiency on the roads. In this regard, onboard vehicle electronics will be of particular importance. AI-enabled edge devices make intelligent decisions in the vehicle. NVIDIA is a leading provider of AI-enabled hardware and software platforms. As an official NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem partner, Syslogic integrates this technology into compact, ultra-rugged automotive computers. These are supplied to automobile and truck manufacturers (OEMs) as well as to suppliers and startups.

Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Nowadays, inference is often performed directly in the vehicle. This is made possible thanks to AI-embedded computers based on NVIDIA Jetson in combination with sensor fusion. In this process data from different sensor types such as radar, lidar and camera are combined to form a general image and "awareness" of the environment. This is called perception. Intelligent decisions are then derived from this and can be executed in the form of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as ACC in stop & go traffic and traffic jam assistants, these are the first steps towards self-driving. For long-term reliable automotive use, specifically designed vehicle computers are necessary, that meet the high demands of shock, vibration and temperature. This is what Syslogic is specialized in.

  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Visual Perception Unit
  • MVB-Computer (Multifunction Vehicle Bus)
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